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Company Profile

Seedling Group was established in 2004, there are two plants in Ningbo, which covers the gross area around 46,000m2. It owns molding manufacturing center, injection foaming workshop, metal tubing, powder painting, cutting, sewing and assembly workshops. The company also owns full set of advanced manufacture and testing equipment, and professional management team. OUHAN MEDICAL was established in 2020, which is another branch of Seeding Group. It specializes in research and sales in medical mask, melt-blown fabric, and nitrile gloves. With all of our effort, we have made great contributions to global covid-19 prevention and control. Seedling Group successfully made the takeover of Dorel Juvenile (Huangshi) Product Co., Ltd on 2021.12.13, the total area of Seedling Group is 140,000m2 and with over 1200 staff. Huangshi plant was renamed as Seedling (Huangshi) Baby Product Co., Ltd.

Our main products are 2 kinds. One kind is EVA foam product, mainly are EVA foam wheels and other EVA foam products. Products are made from international Standards genuine materials according to advanced technological process. EVA foam wheels, with various specifications and styles from 3” to16”, which are suitable for baby strollers , toy car, pet cart, luggage cart, shopping cart, golf car, tools car, and various light vehicles. Other major foam products are foam ring, foam pad, float, etc., which are mainly used for children's toys, shock protection supplies, fishing equipment, etc. Products are non-toxic, odorless, beautiful, light, highly flexible, wear-resistant, and no need to inflate, also with other good characteristics. Therefore, these foam products are more and more widely used in everyday life. The other major product is high-class children's products, including baby strollers, cribs, bed rails, tricycles, walkers, children chair, bath racks, children's toilet seat, doll stroller, children's toys, our products are in middle and high-class quality, by independent research and development design, integrating production and sales, daily production of baby strollers of 2000 sets, mainly exported to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Eastern Europe, Japan and other markets; In 2016 we began to build our own brand --- "Seedling (XIHE)", sales on domestic market complying with international safety standards for children's products.

The seedling of hope is growing up healthily. Scientific and standardized management has always been our core advantage. The company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in 2006, and in 2008 is certified by the International Council of Toy Industries ICTI CARE. Our products have passed ROHS, PAHS, REACH, HR4040, EN71-1,2,3, EN-1888, EN716, ASTM-F963 and other tests, Complied with toy safety standards of European Union, the United States, Australia and other countries and regions. Domestic products passed Chinese 3C certification. Since its inception, we have been adhering to the Business philosophy of "Continuous innovation, Excellence; Integrity and pragmatic, Win-win”, promoting the XIHE core values of "Respect for nature and love for mankind, Awe customers, Transformation and innovation, Responsible, Result-oriented. " .Our company strictly manages itself, sincerely serves clients with top-ranking service, in order to achieve mutual trust, and win-win!

With our overtake of Huangshi factory, and with good timing, good location, our company of mind, Convinced in that "everything can be created by our own hands and wisdom, as long as we work tirelessly! ". Let us work hard to promote our company to a new glory.

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Enterprise Culture

Business Philosophy:
Continuous innovation, excellence; integrity and pragmatic, win-win cooperation.

Xihe Vision:
Become the leader of Chinese baby products fashion!

Xihe Mission:
External: Provide safe and comfortable supplies for all human babies, let them thrive in the sun like the hope of seedlings!
Internal: to build a platform for employees to realize the ideals and values of life!

Global sales network

Scientific and standardized management has always been our core advantage. The company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in 2006 and passed the International Council of Toy Industry (ICTI) certification in 2008. Our products have passed ROHS, PAHS, REACH, HR4040, EN71-1, 2, 3, EN-1888, EN716, ASTM-F963 and other tests, and meet the toy safety standards of the European Union, the United States, Australia and other countries and regions. Our domestic products have passed China 3C certification. Our products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Japan and other markets. In 2016, we began to establish our own brand-"Seedling (XIHE)", and sell products that meet international children's product safety standards in the domestic market.

Global sales network-Seedling ®
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